Pink came out to my house in the middle of the night when my sewer started backing up. He cleared my line for the time being and looked inside the pipe with a camera. He came back the next morning and began repairing my sewer line. If it weren’t for the speedy emergency service, my house would be a huge mess right now! – JM – Mesa

The man who answered the phone tried to walk me through resetting my garbage disposal. When that didn’t work, he sent someone out. When the plumber arrived, he too tried saving me money by trying to reset and unjam the disposal. Once that happened I knew I could trust Pink Plumbing & Sewers and had him replace my garbage disposal that day. – Mary W. – Gilbert

Very professional and affordable plumber. I would recommend Pink Plumbing & Sewers to anyone looking to have any plumbing work done. – Susan B. – Gilbert

Had an emergency in our kitchen with a badly packed inline pipe clog. I called and they were here in an hour, removed the clog and opened the line. Also gave us cleaner and advice on keeping the drain open. Best service and quality repair we’ve ever had. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. – Michael Q – Chandler

Very happy with the service. Very professional. We have used this company several times and they always satisfy in repairs. PS, to people looking to hook-up a natural gas grill, these are the ones to do it. When we moved into our new house, a Pink man came out and hooked our gas grill into our gas line, did a quick release connection and we have never had a probem unplugging the line from the grill for the winter. Go figure that they are qualified to do this. I found out that the gas company will not do this job, and this is who they recommended. Once again these are your go to men for plumbing issues and more. -Joan – Scottsdale

I called Pink Plumbing & Sewers for a clogged bathtub and I am very pleased with the speedy response and friendly service. The plumber who came to my house took care of the problem and gave me a coupon for the next time I need plumbing work done. I will always call this company. – Steve Q. – Chandler

My kitchen sink was clogged and after unclogging my sink they repaired a leaking pipe under my sink. Pink gave me advice on how to keep my sink from clogging and also gave me some drain cleaner to keep the line clear. Highly recommend. – D. Ross – Mesa

I tried to replace a leaking kitchen faucet cartridge on my own but when I tried to turn off the water under the sink, the shut-off wouldn’t turn off. That got beyond my level of comfort so I called Pink Plumbing & Sewers. The plumber was at my house in less than 2 hours. He fixed both the shut-off and cartridge very quickly (and the shut-off was in a difficult location behind the garbage disposal). Very happy with the work, and the faucet works well again. They have done numerous projects for me over the years and I am pleased with the results every time! – Gary M. – Queen Creek

I own several properties including an apartment complex and every time one of my tennents or myself has an issue, I ALWAYS call the men in Pink. The technicians are always polite, arrive on-time and very thorough. They let me know exactly what the issue is with a detailed course of action to remedy it. Their prices are always fair and I will continue to use Pink Plumbing & Sewers and ONLY Pink Plumbing & Sewers. – Holly M. – Scottsdale

I own a restaurant in Scottsdale and all of our kitchen lines were severly backed up. I called Pink Plumbing & Sewers to come take a look at the problem and give me an estimate for what needed to be done. They came out right away at 10:00 PM and were so knowledgable and trustworthy that I told them to do whatever needed to be done. They hydro-jetted my lines that night and got the kitchen lines draining again in no-time. Pink is the only plumber I will use in the future forthis location and my other locations. Ralph H. – Scottsdale

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