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Sewage Ejector Pumps

Are you looking for reliable, quick and efficient sewage ejector pump services?

Pink Plumbing and Sewer services offer high quality and expert plumbing services. Whether you need sewer ejector pump installation, inspection, repair or replacement, we are at your service.

Our efficient and experienced team provides you with exceptional quality services whenever you need. We can perform installation, repairs, and inspection of a variety of sewer ejection pumps, which include Bur-Cam, Wayne, Little Giant, Ridgid, Everbilt, Liberty Pumps, Zoeller, and many others.

What is a Sewage Ejector Pump?

Sewage ejector pumps, also called ‘grinder pumps’, are mostly used in residential and commercial basements to eject sewage water. Sewage ejection pumps used for residential applications need to pump the wastage generally up to 20 feet toward the main gravity sewer. These pumps are useful for basements because your primary sewage line is usually higher than the pipes in the basement. The cost of sewage ejection pumps is quite less as compared to the real grinder pumps.

Why You Need a Sewage Ejector Pump?

If there is a basement in your house or commercial building with a kitchen, bathroom or wet bar, then it is highly likely that there is a sewage ejection pump installed.

You may not even think about the sewage ejection pump until you face a problem with your basement sewage line. If you have a clogged basement sink or bathroom, you should instantly get in touch with the professional and expert Pink Sewer and Plumbing services serving in Phoenix and surrounding areas. We provide instant professional sewage ejection pump repair or replacement services before the problem gets worse. 

Sewage Eject0r Pump Problems that You may Encounter Sewage Ejection Pump Problems that You may Encounter

• Improper fitting or installation of a sewage ejector pump may lead to problems in gravity lifting of waste to the main sewage line.

• Too small or inefficiently placed sewage ejection pumps, which fail to eject waste.

• Sudden breakage or damage to the pump due to the use of low-quality sewage ejector pumps.

Pink Sewer and Plumbing for All Your Sewage Ejector Pump Issues

At Pink Sewer and Plumbing, we are available 24/ to serve you with our professional and reliable services. Problems in sewage ejection pump can happen anytime which can damage your property. Contact us immediately if you feel there is any problem in your sewage ejection pump. Our expert plumbers and technicians conduct a thorough survey to identify the problem and quickly address it. We arrive at your place with the knowledge, expertise, and equipment to efficiently resolve the issue within your budget.

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